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How to create a professional looking wire loom

PET expandable cable covering comes in hundreds of sizes and colors.
And can give your custom wiring job that professional almost cloth look.
Here are some simple steps to use it.  Things to keep in mind.
Plan ahead.  Know how many wires you will need, how long they will be and where you want them to come out.

Once you have your Braided covering.  Place a tube into the sleeve.  The size of the tube will depend
on the amount of wires you will be running thru the braid.

Once over the tube.  Wrap some tape over the end of the braid.
This accomplishes two things.  It keeps the braid from fraying, and it keeps
the braid somewhat open when inserting the wires.

Most cheaper wire braid will fray if you are not careful.  There are companies that sell braid that is
fray resistant, but more expensive.

Not shown in the picture above.  At this point you will want to slide your
pieces of shrink wrap over the braided covering.  Then start feeding
your wires through.

One your wires are in place and you are all finished.  Remove the tape and slide the
shrink tube over the end of the braid.  You want the tube to be about a
half inch to an inch over the end of the braid.  You can use a lighter
or a heat gun for this part.

Again. Plan ahead.  And you could end up with a factory looking wire loom in no time.

Tip:  For wires you want to come out from the middle of the loom. 
I use a coat  Hanger or car antenna.  Push the rod thru the loom and out
the desired end.  Then tape the wire to the rod and pull it thru.
Should this prove to be too difficult.  You can use two separate pieces of braided
covering on each side of the middle.

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