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For Some, Wiring a motorcycle is the hardest and sometimes scariest part of building their bike.  I have been wiring bikes for many years.  My intentions are to help make this a little less scary for you, Because these older bikes are not as hard as they look.
There are other wiring schematics to be found on the net.  You will find 12 different diagrams drawn 40 different ways with 10,000 different wire colors.  And because of this, no one knows which ones are correct.  It's enough to scare most away!  I built this website to show everyone that these are in fact accurate working wiring diagrams.  With wire colors matching the stock colors as closely as possible.
(Check out my feedback on Ebay.  I have helped hundreds wire their choppers, bobbers, Rat bike, Brat style, and cafe racers)
Read though this first page to learn how to basically wire any older motorcycle.  You could literally have your project running in mins.
Through out this site you will find diagrams specific to dozens of popular makes and models.  And more are added all the time!

Already got the basics down and just need to see a simple chopper schematic/diagram
for your your ride?  Click on the buttons below for bike specific diagrams.


3 simple circuits to wiring your old custom motorcycle Once you have figured this out you can wire most older bikes with little to no effort!

Ignition system
The bike won't run without spark.  Check out the diagram.  This is a simple race wiring diagram.  No headlight, No charging system.  Just an easy way to get spark to the motor without all the other stuff.  As you can see this is a running motorcycle, nothing else is needed for this old bike to run! 

Power is sent to the coils.  And the points, when closed
complete the circuit.  Sending spark to the spark plug!

Wiring the charging system on the older bikes is simple.
you have an alternator, and regulator, and a rectifier.
Sometimes the Reg and Rec are one unit but they both do two separate things.
The Regulator (Regulates) The amount of energy
going from the Alternator to the rest of the system.
Usually between 13.5 and 14.5 volts.
The rectifier takes the "Alternating" Current
and converts it to a more useful direct current that
your battery needs.

This is all the crap that no one likes or really wants.
Lights, signals, horns, blah blah blah.  At this point you have a running bike, and it should be charging........
So why aren't you riding?  It's dark you say? 
Well if you must have lights.........
The diagram to the right shows how to simply wire
a head light tail light and brake lights.  On any Bike.

Hit the road!

Put all those together and you have a running, charging
road worthy motorcycle!  That's it!
Click on the above makes for more model specific
Wiring diagrams.


Please, if any of this is helpful and educational.
  You can support this project and consider a donation, any value will be appreciated.   I will be able continue to maintain and upgrade this section as well as add more and more diagrams for specific bikes with your help.  Thank you!

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