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New Regulator Rectifier
combo unit for CB Twins
Combines the two old
large units you already
have into one smaller
(modern) combined unit.
By Modern I mean better
charging!  Check it out!

For the budget minded.
Please consider this rectifier
only replacement.

Complete or Individual
Bullet terminal wiring kits.
For a complete and professional
Wire harness.


Get rid of all the mess of the stock wiring harness.  I have created these easy to follow untangled wiring diagrams, Free of all the useless stuff custom builders do not need, or want. So anyone can quickly and easily wire their custom chopper, bobber, or cafe racer with the minimal amount of wiring and hassle.  These are tried and true schematics, that have been used by thousands.  Here you will find simple diagrams for most all of the popular Honda models of the 60's, 70's, and 80's.  Simply register to view the diagrams.  Find the easy diagram for your bike.  Print it out and be up an running in no time. 

Please register (for free) to view more information and larger more detailed pics.
Click on any of the thumbs to be directed to the registration page.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me

Simple wiring diagram for CB175, CB200 CB350, CB360, CB450, CB500
Easy schematic works on all correlating CL models as well.

This is a simplified diagram for all Honda CB fours with SOHC. CB350, CB400, CB550, CB650, CB750

This is a simplified diagram for all Honda CB fours with DOHC.
CB650, CB750, and CB900

CM400 chopper wiring diagram  
CM450 simple wiring diagram

CB200T easy wiring diagram
CX500 & GL500 simple wiring diagram
   CM250 chopper wiring diagram
   Turn signals horn and starter wiring for all 60's, 70's and 80's Honda


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