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CB 350 Combo Regulator/Rectifier Unit

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  1. $49.99
Replace your old, worn out, (Separate) Honda regulator and rectifier with this new combo unit. These are custom made specifically for your Honda Twins. For better charging and better regulation than stock.  Utilizing the full output of your charging system. You can now charge your battery at any RPM!!  Better charging means you can use modern more
powerful headlights, taillights, LiFePo batteries ect.  Without worries.
And the solid state unit means no leaks, and no degradation over the years.
All this in a modern (smaller) package than the two old stock units. 
Just one little unit to hide on your custom project!

13.5~14 volts at idle and 14.2~14.5 volts from 1500rpm to red line.

Includes instructions and connectors.
CB, CL, SL, and XL's

100, 125 175, 200, 250, 350, 450


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