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Upgraded Single Phase Rectifier

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  1. $19.99

An economical alternative to the reg/rec combo with some of the same benefits.
Recommended for breathing new life into your old stock charging system.
This is a direct replacement for 3 and 4 wire Rectifiers You can now ditch that big red finned pile-o-junk and replace it a much smaller much better one. Weather it’s for the custom job where space is limited or for your stock bike. (Recent laws require ALL motorcycles have a headlight on at all times.)
This rectifier will use the full potential of your alternator and charge your battery to its fullest, Even at idle!  Allowing you to run smaller batteries with a headlight on all the time. This solid state rectifier will out last your motorcycle.

CB125 CB160 CB175 CB200 CB250 CB305 CB350 CL350 CB360 CB450 CB500T CB, CL, SL, and XL all use the same rectifier.

Works on any single phase 3 and 4 wire applications.


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